Jake loves teaching, sharing his talents with others

Jake appreciates that individuals have different styles of learning so he endeavors to find what works best for each student.  He teaches very beginners all the way through to advanced.   He offers lessons weekly, bi-weekly and drop ins.   He also facilitates workshops and music camps.

As a skilled musician Jake is able to teach a variety of instuments. He teaches steel string and nylon string guitar, all styles focusing on finger style methods.   He also teaches 5 string banjo, mandolin, fiddle, Irish bouzouki, ukulele, bass and percussion.

Jake continues to be a student himself.   His first teacher was his mom, Mona Peters.   He has since learned from many teachers over many years and continues to learn new instruments.   Recent mentors include Marcel Kaliffe ~ oud, Juan Martin ~ flamenco guitar and Pavlo ~ Mediterranean guitar.

For more information about music lessons Jake can be reached at Manley Acoustic Instruments in Didsbury at 403.335.4984 or by emailing Jake.